Credit Card Processing

Make your path to PCI, PA-DSS compliancy achievable and maintainable with FocalPoint’s integrated credit card processing solution. Visum offers two credit card gateway options to help you find the solution that best fits your needs.


Mercury Payment Systems

If you choose to work with Mercury, you will receive one statement for credit card processing. Mercury would be serving as both the credit card processor and the gateway.

You will not be limited to the number of terminals that can process credit cards. There are no additional user license fees for integrated credit card processing with Mercury.

The integration with Mercury and FocalPoint is tight, and setup is very easy.

FocalPoint/Mercury Integration One-Time Fee: $395.00


BridgePay Network Solutions

If you choose to use a credit card processor other than Mercury, BridgePay Network Solutions offers a software solution, “Paylink”, that can be used with FocalPoint to implement the benefits of integrated credit card processing without the need to change credit card processors.

With the Paylink solution, you are free to use whichever credit card processor you wish. You will need to call your credit card processor to find out if they can work with Paylink.

As opposed to Mercury where all processing and gateway fees are offered as one product, Paylink is an additional gateway software product that you will be using to allow use of your own credit card processor. Prior to committing to BridgePay Network Solutions, you should discuss this option with your processor to make sure that your processor can work with Paylink.

FocalPoint/Paylink Integration One-Time Fee: $595.00

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