Front Counter

front counter rental menu

From the Front Counter Menu, you have access to all of the powerful tools available to help you run your rental counter easily and efficiently. From here, you can access all of the different types of Orders functions, including rental contracts, sales orders and credits.

Item Lookup / Order Creation

The Item Lookup / Order Creation function is accessible from the from the Front Counter menu and from within the Orders Menu. This function allows you to pre-select rental and merchandise items, then put them onto an order or create a transfer for them. Preview

Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer functions allow you to add cash to your drawer, cash a check, and create Miscellaneous Pay-In and Pay-Out records for circumstances when you have received or refunded money from a source other than transactions. You can also take a payment on account when a customer decides to pay prior invoices while standing at your counter. Finally, you can enter your cash drawer balance from this menu, though you will be prompted for a cash drawer balance when you create your first cash transaction of the day. All functions within this area are easily tracked and can be audited with reports or during exports to your accounting software.

Lost Sales

You can also track lost sales from the front counter, a tool used to help your counter personnel keep track of items your customers wish you had, but didn’t have at the time.

Reservation Screen

A powerful reservation screen helps you visually get your arms around reservations so you’re ready for your customers when they need your service. Preview

Merchandise Price Lookup

If your store sells merchandise, and you need to perform a quick price check from time to time, the Merchandise Price Lookup function is here to help you with this task. This function works very well with bar code scanners.

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