FocalPoint is a Windows-based rental software solution that handles all your day-to-day operations.

Check out FocalPoint’s impressive features below to see why rental stores throughout the United States and Canada choose FocalPoint software.


FocalPoint Cloud allows you to run your business and provides remote access to FocalPoint Software through any Android, iOS device or a remote laptop.

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The customer file is where you can keep track of vital customer information. You can generate statements, finance charges from the customer, and utilize many helpful reports.

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Use FocalPoint dispatching to streamline your deliveries and pickups for rental orders and service work orders. This dispatching functionality can be further enhanced by integrating with Bing Maps and most Garmin GPS devices.

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Front Counter

From the Front Counter Menu, you have access to all of the fast, yet powerful tools available to help you run your rental counter easily and efficiently.

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FocalPoint inventory consists primarily of rental items and merchandise items. FocalPoint allows you to have serialized and non-serialized items in both files, and create kits to streamline your rental process.

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The service department module in FocalPoint software is designed to give you the most flexibility possible to handle your fleet maintenance requirements. Visum understands that maintenance efforts at a rental store are not “stand alone” processes, rather, maintenance is a part of many aspects of your operation.

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Put the power of FocalPoint in your hands at all times with our mobile app for iOS and Android.

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Purchase Orders

Within FocalPoint Software you have access to a fully functional Purchase Order module to help you communicate to your vendors your needs, track the merchandise and equipment shipped to you from you vendor, and receive your purchases in to inventory.

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FocalPoint Reports allow you to monitor and track the performance of your rental operation using the data that FocalPoint Software continuously stores and organizes for you.

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