FocalPoint Auto-Pay and Customer Portal Payments

Visum is proud to oer Auto-Pay capabilities for use with FocalPoint Integrated Credit Card Processing or FocalPoint ACH payments, and internet-based features that allow customers to pay invoices online and view customer-specific FocalPoint information. Use this feature to streamline payment processing for cycle billing, contract closing and payments on account.

  • Auto Pay for Closing Orders – During the return process for an order set for Auto-Pay, any remaining due balances will be automatically processed. If the Auto-Pay fails, you can still process other payment types as you normally would.
  • Auto Pay for Cycle Billing – any amount due will automatically be processed, and the Auto-Pay settings will be transferred to the new order for the next billing cycle. If the Auto-Pay is declined, an invoice will be created for the balance due.
  • Customer Portal Payments – This feature enhances your customer’s ability to pay invoices on time and enhances communication with your customers while providing exposure to your website and company. All features are totally secure.

FocalPoint Auto-Pay and Customer Portal Payments