FocalPoint Software Integrations

Visum offers optional functionality and integrations with third-party solutions that help you extend FocalPoint for your business.

Dispatch Mapping and Routing

Bing Maps

Dispatch Mapping Interface – FocalPoint interfaces with Bing Mapping based on certain limitations and also interfaces with Garmin GPS units. Inquire for pricing.

Dispatch Advanced Truck Routing Interface –  Tailored to commercial truck routing, factoring in legal truck, physical and hazmat restrictions.  Inquire for pricing.

Pedigree Fleet Management

Pedigree Technologies

Pedigree devices attached to rental items will communicate hour meter information to FocalPoint while in the field. Enhances preventative maintenance tracking and correct meter charges for cycle billing. Tracking devices and other fees billed directly through Pedigree.  Inquire for pricing.

SmartEquip Integration


Access the web-based SmartEquip interface using FocalPoint for authentication. Check merchandise availability and SmartEquip / FocalPoint Purchase Order integration. One time fee. Inquire for pricing.

PartSmart Integration

View part information – Partsmart will query FocalPoint and FocalPoint will provide parts information based on queries.

Transfer PartSmart “picklists” to an active FocalPoint order or work order at your convenience. PartSmart picklists can be recalled at any time. As parts from picklists are added to an order they are removed from the PartSmart picklist.

As PartSmart picklists are added to FocalPoint orders, any FocalPoint Non-Stock items will automatically be converted to active merchandise items in FocalPoint. If there is not enough quantity in the store you have an option to create a new Purchase Order or add to an existing open Purchase Order.

PartSmart’s colorization of quantity and bin locations are fully supported in FocalPoint.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Empower your sales force with a dashboard for callbacks, appointments, tasks, and call notes. Set and measure salesperson quotas for rentals, sales, and new customer additions. Inquire for pricing.

Internet Services

Customer Portal – Allow your customers to view their upcoming reservations, open contracts and accounts receivable balances online.  Inquire for pricing.



Request a signature from a customer electronically. Allows customer to accept terms sign, and return. Inquire for pricing.