Your FocalPoint inventory consists primarily of rental items and merchandise items. FocalPoint allows you to serialized and non-serialized items in both files, and create kits to streamline your rental process. Pictures can be attached to inventory to protect your assets and help your front counter staff identify items. To effectively maintain records of how your inventory increases, you can create and receive Purchase Orders from the purchase order menu.

Along with rental and merchandise items, there is also a Non-Stock file that allows you to store parts information given to you by the manufacturers you represent. In this file you can store mass amounts of manufacturer’s data to be used for purchasing and price updating.

There is a Group file which allows you to group your rental and merchandise items in to logical groups for reporting, and Rental Rate Tables where you store your rates for your items.  Storing rates in a separate table from your rental items allow you to establish rates without having to setup and maintain rates for each individual rental item, and also allow you to predetermine defaults for rental items, streamlining the setup process.

Other features include:

  • Manufacturers file allows you to store manufacturer’s identification codes for your sales merchandise.
  • Group, Rental Rate Table, Item and Merchandise Message Files allow you to set up messages to show on the screen or print on documents.
  • Posting Code File allows you to set up codes that will assigned to your inventory to control how revenue is recorded, exported and reported on.
  • Kit file allows you to set up required or non-required related items that allow you to quickly create contracts and not miss out on rental or sales opportunities.
  • Custom attachments allow you to set up documents that optionally print after an order prints, for explaining company policy or instructions to your customers.