Mobile Edition

Get direct access to your store and valuable information using an iPhone* or Android phone* with FocalPoint Mobile Edition!

FocalPoint Mobile Edition Features:

  • Security/Password Protected
  • Global for Multiple Locations
  • Customer Section
    • Real-Time Contact Information
    • Direct Email & Dial Out
    • Balances
  • Rental Section
    • Rental Information
    • ROI and Equipment History
    • Availability in Real-Time
    • Rates
  • Vendor Section
    • Real-Time Contact Information
    • Direct Email & Dial Out
  • Order/Contract Section
    • Ability to view lists of open Orders (contracts, reservations, quotes).
    • Select a Order to see all related customer, item and payment information.
    • Email a copy of the Order to a customer.
    • Acquire a signature on the Order from your phone.
    • Rental Availability Search
  • Dispatching Section
    • Monitor dispatch activity for a selected truck and date.
  • Work Order Section
    • Display a list of all open Work Order
    • Select a Work Order to see customer, item, parts, labor and payment information
    • Email a copy of the Work Order to a customer
  • Snapshots Section
    • Daily Store Revenue Reporting
    • Cash Drawer Summary
    • Rental Valuation Summary

Requires FocalPoint Software as your desktop Rental Solution. Contact Visum, LLC Sales for more information.


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