Optional Hardware for FocalPoint Software

Visum offers a wide range of optional hardware products to make your rental operation as efficient as possible. Browse the available products below and contact us for purchasing information.

Barcode Scanner draggable=

Barcode Scanner

Dramatically decrease the amount of time your customer has to wait at the counter. High performance technology accommodates printer induced bar space variation, faded labels, and low contrast codes.  Plugs in to a USB port.

Dimensions: 5.3”l x 6”h x 3.1”w.  Weighs 6.3 oz.  Wireless scanner range is 33’ from base unit.

Wired Barcode Scanner Price:  $205.00 each

Wireless barcode scanner price: $575.00

Receipt Printer draggable=

Receipt Printer

A fast, reliable paper-saving tool that belongs on every counter.  If a rental or sales invoice is paid in full, print the same information on a receipt instead of a full sheet of paper.

Dimensions: 6.25”w x 8’5”d x 5.87”h

Print speed:  8” per second

Price:  $365.00 each

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eSignature draggable=

FocalPoint e-Signature

With the electronic signature function you can email signature requests to your customers and receive email or text confirmation showing that the customer has signed your document. As soon as the customer signs, the signature will show on a reprint or preview of an order. Electronic signatures can be captured at any time during the transaction process, including on quotes, reservations, open and closed orders.

Card Reader and Signature Capture draggable=

Signature Capture and Chip Card Reader

Use the same EMV certified chip card readers to capture signatures for your contracts and process credit card payments. Credit cards can be inserted, tapped, or swiped. Units cannot be shared between PC’s, and additional software integration must be purchased.

Call for more details and pricing.

Driver's License Scanner draggable=

Driver’s License Scanner

Scanning a customer’s driver’s license protects both you and your customer and saves you both time!  Capture the picture AND text information from a new customer to eliminate most typing needed when setting up a new customer.  For existing customers you can compare stored information to license information for extra security.  A picture paints a thousand words!

Price:  $645.00 each

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Cash Drawer draggable=

Cash Drawer

The cash drawer connects to your counter PC and can be shared by several work stations, or have a cash drawer for each work station.  The heavy-duty latch mechanism keeps your cash and receipts secure.  Available with media slots so you can put in slips without the need to open the drawer.

Dimensions:  18”w x 16.7”d x 4.2”h

Price:  $345.00 each

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Work Order Label Printer draggable=

Work Order Label Printer

Print work order tags directly from FocalPoint to help you quickly identify which rental items or customer items are awaiting repair. Prints all applicable information with regards to the repair of the item. This durable printer is reliable and easy to use, and prints labels fast!

Price:  $595.00 each