Add Ons

Add ons are additional features developed by Visum that help you add functionality to FocalPoint software.

Automatic Reminders

Use Email or SMS Text reminders to improve communication with your customers, avoid mistakes and more.

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Customer Portal

Customer Portal allows your customers to view their upcoming reservations, open contracts and accounts receivable balances online.

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Electronic Signature

Request a signature from a customer electronically. Allows customer to accept terms, receive deliveries, sign contracts and terms.

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Allow your customers to create their own quotes from your website based on your FocalPoint Software data.

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eRental Catalog

eRental Catalog allow your customers to view your rental catalog online.

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Gift Card & Loyalty Programs

Allow your customer to purchase and redeem gift cards for rentals or merchandise sales. Plus, we offer a loyalty program that allows you to assign loyalty points to customers for every dollar spent.

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Put the power of FocalPoint in your hands at all times with our mobile app for iOS and Android.

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Display multiple screens to show real-time information on a Monitor for display purposes only.

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Payment Solutions

Visum offers robust solutions for collecting customer payments either by credit card or ACH.

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Optional Hardware

Make your rental operation as efficient as possible with optional hardware for use with FocalPoint.

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Add even more functionality to FocalPoint Rental Software

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