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From the Front Counter Menu, you have access to all of the fast, yet powerful tools available to help you run your rental counter easily and efficiently.

From here, you can access all of the different types of Orders functions, including rental contracts, sales orders and credits. FocalPoint’s front counter gives your operations staff and customers the information needed at a glance for contracts, reservations, quotes, sales and customer service work orders.

Front Counter Features & Videos


Learn how to create the fastest contract with the most intuitive contract processing tools out there. FocalPoint Software incorporated the ability to select items with tiles that contains the picture of the rental item along with the description. FocalPoint Software also automatically populates your most popular rented items based on the season without having to doing any searching, they appear right on the item selection screen.


Create inspection sheets to protect your equipment and your business. Certain equipment needs inspections completed before items are rented and when they come back. You can create checklist, add photos of the equipment, hour meter or any damage done to help manage your rental fleet. These inspections are easily setup and will automatically print when the contract is generated or returned. If there is an inspection sheet pending the availability status will flagged as such and the inspection must be performed before the equipment leaves your yard.

Quotes, Reservations and Contract Management

FocalPoint Software is a robust system designed by individuals that worked in a rental center for many years before designing FocalPoint. Visum used that rental experience and created a powerful yet easy to use quote, reservation and contract front counter system. You can have a variety of price points for each customer, cycle billings, kits, promotions, Quick Rental, availability, delivery and pick-up notifications and so much more. You’ll discover many of these features throughout the website and have provided two videos discussing how to create contracts quickly and manage open orders.

Employee Time Clock

FocalPoint Software allows your staff to punch in and out throughout the day. These hours are calculated and the time clock report shows details of each employee – In and Out times, hours worked each day, week and breaks out regular vs. overtime hours. Time Clock ability also exists within the maintenance module that allows your service tech to track hours on Work Orders. Our mobile app also has Time Clock ability for employees that don’t come into the store on a regular basis.

Inventory Management

This is the key to your success and Visum understands this value from inventory tracking in a variety of ways and methods, transferring between stores, servicing items, inspections, reporting – ROI, Utilization late equipment, availability, equipment each customer is in possession of and so much more.

Recommended Items

FocalPoint Software can be setup to help educate your front counter personal to ensure customers are receiving proper add on items to the transaction. These items can be merchandise or rental items and can be quickly or automatically added to the transaction which are displayed through kits or popup screen messages. Check out the video for more details.

Dashboard and Business Analytics

There are a number of ways to view important daily, monthly, yearly or longer historical rental, sales, repair or customer information through dash boards, snap shots, over 200 reports or customize your own reports from data that’s easily dumped. Visum understands you need important information at a glance and we provide you the tools and information to make decision making easy. Check out the video for more details.

Rental Purchase Option (RPO’s)

This ability gives you the option of renting and selling the same item on one contract if you know the customer will be purchasing the item at the end of the transaction. You simply tell FocalPoint the purchase price, how many cycle billings the customer has to pay for the item, what percentage of rental goes towards the purchase price and FocalPoint does the rest. Excellent tool to help sell your inventory and keep replenishing your fleet with new inventory.

Robust/Flexible Merchandise Sales (POS)

We have designed a very fast and robust POS module for customers that do a lot of merchandise and parts only sales. This is a one step process and is very easy and fast incorporating bar code readers and straight forward processing methods. Check out the video for more details.

Serialized Sales

This feature is designed for customers that sell larger items such as chainsaws, weed trimmers, skid steers, lawn mowers and other items that require a serial number to be tracked with the sale. This allows for warranty tracking and FocalPoint automatically sets up a maintenance record. The maintenance record is used for when customers bring in an item for repairs and all required information is stored – no need to find or type in make, model, year, serial number, etc., on the Work Order.

Serialized Merchandise Sales

Bar Coding

Bar coding is used mainly for merchandise and parts sales but can also be used for rental items. FocalPoint has incorporated the ability to use bar code readers at your front counter to speed up transacations. We do offer hand held devices for taking inventory and reordering parts and merchandise. If an item doesn’t have a bar code FocalPoint can generate bar code labels for you. Please call for more details.

Bar Code Scanner for FocalPoint

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