The service department module in FocalPoint software is designed to give you the most flexibility possible to handle your fleet maintenance requirements. Visum understands that maintenance efforts at a rental store are not “stand alone” processes, rather, maintenance is a part of many aspects of your operation.

Maintenance work orders and inspection sheets can be generated from a front counter rental contract just as easily as a work order can be created from the maintenance desk. There are many options available, giving you the ability to create work orders automatically at the time of return, create work orders when needed, and printing out automatic inspections sheets, to give your shop personnel a “checklist” that needs to be completed before a rental item is ready to be rented again.

FocalPoint Software makes managing your service department easy, and allows you to monitor important aspects of your maintenance efforts such as profitability, inventory control, and warranty claims.

Maintenance Features & Videos

Preventive Maintenance Schedules & Alerts

Let FocalPoint Software notify you when maintenance is due on your equipment by setting up preventive maintenance schedules. These schedules can be setup by the hour meter, odometer, date, number of times an item has been rented or the revenue brought in. FocalPoint will automatically open a Work Order along with the necessary parts and labor associated with the scheduled work to be performed. The Work Order will also be displayed within the Service Department display screen, on service due reports and also within Front Counter availability. Check out the video for more details.

Fleet Management Tracking

Devices attached to rental items will communicate hour meter information to FocalPoint while in the field. Enhances preventative maintenance tracking and correct meter charges for cycle billing. Tracking devices and other fees are billed directly through provider. Please contact Visum for Provider information, costs and further details.

Customer Work Orders

For those who do repairs on equipment for their customer FocalPoint has a Work Order system that tracks all repairs ever done on items for customers. This internal Work Order system recalls the make, model, year, serial number, warranty, previous repairs (parts and labor) and all the important/necessary information to make the tracking and billing a success. Check out the video for more details.

Time Clock for Work Order Labor Tracking

FocalPoint allows you to track employee Work Order time on repair tickets. Simply have your Service Technician punch in and out within the repair order and their time is logged and calculated within that Work Order. Check out the video for more details.

Mobile App

View open Work Orders so your service tech can see equipment that’s due for repairs when their not at the store.

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