Payment Solutions

Visum offers robust solutions for collecting customer payments either by credit card or ACH. Learn more about these solutions by watching the videos below.

CardConnect for Credit Card Processing

Make your path to PCI, PA-DSS compliancy achievable and maintainable with FocalPoint’s integrated credit card processing solution. Visum offers a credit card gateway through CardConnect who is recommended by and affiliated with the American Rental Association. This will also be your gateway if you process credit cards through our mobile app. The integration solution is very tight, secure and passes all compliancy requirements and the process has been streamlined to setup.

By integrating with CardConnect’s robust payment technology, clients will benefit from a single source solution. This powerful combination will allow users to easily process transactions directly within their Visum software for a truly streamlined payment experience. Now a payment only needs to be entered once, resulting in a simplified transaction management and reconciliation process.

This combined offering will also provide Visum clients with secure payment acceptance and the ultimate data breach protection through CardConnect’s patented security solution. PCI-validated point-to-point encryption and tokenization work to secure all sensitive cardholder data to protect business owners and their customers against fraud.

Working with CardConnect, you will receive one statement for credit card processing. CardConnect would be serving as both the credit card processor and the gateway.

You will not be limited to the number of terminals that can process credit cards. There are no additional user license fees for integrated credit card processing with CardConnect.

Hardware is purchased directly through CardConnect.

This is the gateway used to process credit card transactions on our mobile app.

Auto-Pay and Customer Portal Payments

Visum is proud to offer Auto-Pay capabilities for use with FocalPoint Integrated Credit Card Processing or FocalPoint ACH payments, and internet-based features that allow customers to pay invoices online and view customer-specific FocalPoint information. Use this feature to streamline payment processing for cycle billing, contract closing and payments on account.

  • Auto Pay for Closing Orders – During the return process for an order set for Auto-Pay, any remaining due balances will be automatically processed. If the Auto-Pay fails, you can still process other payment types as you normally would.
  • Auto Pay for Cycle Billing – any amount due will automatically be processed, and the Auto-Pay settings will be transferred to the new order for the next billing cycle. If the Auto-Pay is declined, an invoice will be created for the balance due.
  • Customer Portal Payments – This feature enhances your customer’s ability to pay invoices on time and enhances communication with your customers while providing exposure to your website and company. All features are totally secure.

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