Your FocalPoint inventory consists primarily of rental items and merchandise items. FocalPoint allows you to serialized and non-serialized items in both files, and create kits to streamline your rental process. Pictures can be attached to inventory to protect your assets and help your front counter staff identify items. To effectively maintain records of how your inventory increases, you can create and receive Purchase Orders from the purchase order menu.

Inventory Features & Videos


Abundance of reports, over 200 reports available from ROI, Utilization, Top Rented Items, Overlap, Non-Rented Items Reports, delivery and pickup, In shop, maintenance due, revenue reporting, ability to dump data into different formats including Excel, store your Favorites and so much more. Check out the video for more details.

Inspection Management

Create inspection sheets to protect your equipment and your business. Certain equipment needs inspection done before items are rented and when they come back. You can create checklist, add photos of the equipment, hour meter or any damage done to help manage your rental fleet. These inspections are easily setup and will automatically print when the contract is generated or returned. If there is an inspection sheet pending the availability status will flagged as such and the inspection must be performed before the equipment leaves your yard.

Purchase Orders

Keep a closer eye on your ordering through our Purchase Order module. This allows you to create a record that sends back costs and quantity ordered into FocalPoint’s databases so your not manually adjusting your COGS and inventory quantities. You can setup up FocalPoint to auto generate Purchase Orders when items reach a certain low level. You can have back orders and specialty ordered items also. Check out the video for more details.

Dashboard Analysis

If you want a quick update on your inventory FocalPoint Software gives you dashboards that will tell you exactly what is out on rent vs. what’s in the yard. It will give you the rental revenue your generating for that day and rental revenue that’s sitting in your yard. Much more information is also available within these tools. Check out the video for more details.

Mobile App

Always on the go? Let our mobile app keep you on the move and it allows you to escape the front counter. Whether you’re writing quotes, reservations, contracts, returns, taking credit card payments, quoting prices along with availability, need customer contact information, revenue tracking and so much more put our mobile app into your rental operations. Check out the video for more details.

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