Enhanced Rental Asset Tracking

Want to keep a closer eye on the exact location of your unit? How about your equipment’s hour/mileage meter or battery information? With our enhanced TrackUnit™ and Pedigree asset tracking integration, you have all that information displayed on your screen! Be at ease and feel reassured knowing your equipment is safe in the field.

With TrackUnit or Pedigree GPS tracking devices* attached to your rental items, hour meter information is communicated to FocalPoint while your equipment is out in the field, either on demand, during the close of a contract, or during the cycle billing process.

Not only are you able to see real time usage, you are also enhancing preventative maintenance tracking and correct meter charges during billing, saving you downtime AND potentially making you more money that may have gone unnoticed before, getting the most from your investment!

To learn more and about pricing, please contact a Visum sales associate.

*Please note: Tracking devices and other fees are billed directly through Manufacturer