Visum, LLC is proud to announce our new Rental Schedule Function. The Rental Schedule will replace hand written calendars and reports. Provides information on Deliveries, Pick Ups and Customer Pick Ups right at your fingertips. You can see many items or contracts that are scheduled by month, week or day at a glance.

The Rental Schedule contains the following functionality:

  • Ability to view Reservation Or Contract data (by Items or Contracts)
  • Ability to Go Directly into the Order Processing when selecting a Reservation Or Order
  • Ability to Preview/Print a Reservation Or Order
  • Ability to “drill Down” within a day to see all Details for Contract or Item
  • Ability for Process by Department
  • View By Month, Week, Day
  • Week View shows summary of Reservations /Orders, Items, Pickups, Deliveries, Customer Pickups
  • Filtering
    • Store
    • Date
    • Party/General
    • Group
    • Rental Description (Rate Table)
    • Reservations or Orders
  • Navigation
    • Month by Month, Forward and Backward
    • Week, Forward and Backward
    • Detail view – Expands a clicked on Summary item, Forward and Backward
    • Quick return to current day (Go TO Today)
  • Hitting the ESCAPE key will get you immediately back to your Month View
  • Much More!

The Main Rental Schedule screen allows you to view at a glance all Reservations or Contracts by number of orders OR number of items for each day. This is crucial information is utilized within the Dispatching department.


You have the ability to see by Month, Week or Day. As you drill down to the Week view you will see the details for Deliveries, Pick Ups, Customer Pick-Ups, Contracts or Items.

Viewing by Day allows you to see actual contract details. You can go Directly to the Order Processing screen to convert Reservations to an Order or Edit any information.