FocalPoint offers rental kits to streamline order entry.  If you consistently rent identical or similar “sets” of items from your rental or sales inventory, setting up kits for these sets of items can save you and your customer valuable time.  Kits also help you remember to send items along that, if forgotten, will hinder the customer’s rental experience. Kits also allow you to increase rental and sales revenues.

Some of the added enhancements are:

  • Easier access and entry
  • Expanded data grid
  • Search criteria lookup
  • Simple drill down for all items within the kit which makes modifications fast and easy!

The screenshots below illustrate how kits can be used to rent poles along with a tent canopy, and how kits can be used for renting an air hammer, or an extended hose with an air compressor. The possibilities for bundled rental products is endless, and kits help you streamline the process.