Do you have customers that lose invoices and need them resent, but all of the invoices are from different days and months? At the end of the month, do you have some customers that prefer to have all of their invoices sent to them at once? What about if it’s just bill day and you would like to send all customers their invoices, but always find it a hassle going one by one? Well, stress no more!

With our new invoice batching, send one email per customer, with invoices that are batched by the customer name. You can also select multiple invoices based on date and have them either print or emailed directly to the customer. With a few simple steps, you can avoid saving invoices to pdf one-at-a-time, then looking for them in your folder, then attaching them invoices to you email one by one. Now do it all in a few simple steps!

For our current valued customers, here’s how:

  • Simply select A-8-2 from the main menu
  • Select your date Range
  • Select the statement “type” that you have previously sent the customer, either print, email, or all.
  • Select your customer, or if all customers need their invoices, leave blank, click the ALL Open Invoices box, then hit “generate” on the upper left corner.
  • For specific invoices, choose which invoices to send. or just leave them all checked to send all.
  • Select preview if you would like to see what is going to be sent (please note: for high volume customers, this may take a few minutes). Select process when all done.