Overview of FocalPoint Rental Software

FocalPoint is a Windows-based rental software solution that can be deployed on your server or in the cloud. Our robust software handles all your day-to-day rental operations and is accessible in store or on the go. This introductory page highlights some key features of FocalPoint software.

FocalPoint Mobile Edition

Put important abilities in your hands at all times with our mobile app. This mobile app gives you the tools needed to not slow you down whether it’s writing quotes, reservations, contracts, returns, taking credit card payments, quoting prices along with availability, customer contact information, revenue tracking and so much more.

FocalPoint in the Cloud

FocalPoint Cloud allows you to run your business and provides remote access to FocalPoint Software through any Android, iOS device or a remote laptop. Write contracts, work orders, process returns, capture signatures, and enjoy all of the features and programs FocalPoint offers from anywhere with an internet connection.

No in-house server means no maintenance hassles, automatic backups, and no worries. Plus, deploying FocalPoint in the Cloud means less up-front expense and easy setup.

FocalPoint Rental Software for Party and Event Rental Stores

Customer Portal

FocalPoint’s Customer Portal allows your customers to view their upcoming reservations, open contracts and accounts receivable balances online.

  • Account Receivables Balances
  • Invoices (Open and Paid)
  • Open and Closed Contracts
  • Reservations
  • Exposure to Your Website
  • Drill-Down Options for Order and Invoice Detail

See how FocalPoint rental software can help your business.

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