Front Counter

From the Front Counter Menu, you have access to all of the fast, yet powerful tools available to help you run your rental counter easily and efficiently. From here, you can access all of the different types of Orders functions, including rental contracts, sales orders and credits. FocalPoint’s front counter gives your operations staff and customers the information needed at a glance for contracts, reservations, quotes, sales and customer service work orders.

Rentals and Sales

The Item Lookup / Order Creation screen allows you to pre-select rental and merchandise items, then put them onto an orders or transfer the items to other stores. You can also view vital information and images related to merchandise or rental items, and access powerful scheduling calendars.


Reservation Screen

A powerful reservation screen helps you visually get your arms around reservations so you’re ready for your customers when they need your service.


Quick Sales

A special Quick Sale function is available for any merchandise sales activity where you strictly want to use the default cash customer.  This option also works very well when barcode scanners are in place, but also allows you to sell merchandise quickly by SKU, description, or part number.


Other features include

  • Re-Renting and Consignment Sales.
  • Pic- Up Tickets to “stop rent” and schedule item pick-ups.
  • Pick Tickets to pull correct inventory.
  • Delivery schedules at a glance with create orders.
  • Laser Forms & E-mail Abilities
  • Cloning/coping previous orders
  • Annual event tracking
  • Stored “Ship-To” addresses
  • Proper Tax calculation
  • Image Storage – take picture of equipment before, during or at return of the transaction
  • Contract Warnings, Inspections & Spec Sheet Information
  • Kits/Package rentals
  • Exchanges and Partial Returns